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Packages of fresh meat

Packages of fresh meat

We manage our farm with milk but also beef cows. Our calves have much space to move, the beef cows and the whole young cattle are on the alpine pasture in the summer months, while they spend the rest of the year in the house fields. In the winter months the new rebuilt run for animals offers enough space to move. For us it is important that our animals are fed with our own food.

In the beef cow husbandry the calf stays with his mother since his birth; this means that the whole milk is reserved for the calf.  Thanks to the high movement and the natural husbandry quality and taste are granted. The animals destined to be slaughtered, arrive at the local slaughter house and then in our own authorized butchering at the farm the meat is prepared for use by a butcher. The size of the single pieces can be decided by the same consumer.  At the farm there is the possibility to evacuate and label meat for free.

Upon pre-order you have available:

  • calves from beef cows, from which we offer pure mixed meat packages (without bones): 5 kg; 10 kg; 15 kg; open from above. In percentage per each quantity you can find:  pieces for boiled meat, mincemeat, roast, rolled roast, goulasch, cutlet and roastbeef. Fillet is offered separately.
  • from time to time we can also offer a bull of ca. one year, which comes from the milk cow husbandry. In this case we offer mixed meat packages with bones in following portions: ¼ bull, 1/8 or  1/16. An eigth part weighs around 20 kg. In percentage per each quantity you can find: soup bones, leg meat, ossobuco, pieces for boiled meat, mince meat, roast, rolled roast, goulasch, cutlet, roastbeef and fillet.
  • from time to time we slaughter also a female calf or a young cow, from which we offer single parts, as for example, goulasch, roast, mince meat, lean topside …or also fillet.
  • from our porks you have available only fillet, because the rest is destined to speck and sausages production.
  • sometimes there is also game meat hunted by the same house farmer.